Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Rice Cream

This is another Disney recipe.  Its from the Akerhaus Restaurant in Norway.  I did not make the strawberry sauce recipe thats included.  I used a different recipe for that.

Here's the rice cream recipe: (it makes ALOT)

 The cooked rice
 Whipped cream
Mixed together

This is the strawberry sauce recipe that I used:

I made this exact recipe.  It needs to be doubled if you want to have enough for all of the rice cream.  I don't think we'll end up eating all of it, so I purposely didn't make too much sauce.

The completed dessert. 

This is perfect for alot of people.  I made 10 parfait cups and barely made a dent in the rice.  I was glad I didn't make too many because they do start to dry out if they're uncovered for too long.  I've had it in the fridge for about 4 days and the rice is starting to get a little hard. 

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