Tuesday, March 27, 2012

BBQ Beef/Turkey Casserole

I found a recipe similar to this and modified it so many times that it doesn't resemble the original recipe at all anymore.  I think I found the original recipe on a budget website.  Its a great recipe to make ahead and I always freeze half of it (without the corn bread on top).  The original recipe used ground beef, but I always use turkey.  It also had 2 lbs of ground meat but I've made it with 1 or 2 and I think 1 lb is plenty.

2 lbs ground beef or turkey
large onion diced
sm. can of corn
3/4-1 cup BBQ sauce
small can or half a bag of kidney beans-dried beans need to be soaked or boiled first
14.5 oz diced tomatoes-drain partially
1/2 can V8
2 cups shredded cheese
2 packages corn bread mix

brown me atand drain
cook onion until soft
add corn, tomatoes and beans and add to meat
add BBQ sauce and V8
(can also add garlic and worst. sauce)

spread into pan and sprinkle cheese on top

prepare corn bread mix according to box and spread on top

bake 400 deg for 20-25 mins

Before the cornbread

Baked, with cornbread on top


  1. I remember this recipe. It was quite yummy.

  2. Made this tonight with ground chicken (had some leftover from a large BJs pack) and didn't really like the ground chicken (think I overcooked it), but the rest was great! Might try it with shredded chicken next time. Looks like you have kidney beans in it in the pic...did you add those? That might be good too. Hope you start posting again soon, but I know this summer has been fast and furious! :) ATTS

  3. I did add kidney beans, I guess I forgot to add that to the recipe. I either use a drained can of them or half a bag of dried beans (what I prefer if I have the time to soak them). I'll correct the recipe now. I have a few recipes that I 've worked on but haven't had a chance to blog about. Hopefully I'll get back to it soon.